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Overseas Travel Insurance Benefits

While we offer basic and comprehensive levels of travel insurance for your overseas trip, our comprehensive overseas policy is designed to provide you with superior cover wherever you are in the world.

The benefits of our comprehensive policy are extensive, but here are just a few of the most popular benefits offered. All benefits are subject to the terms and conditions listed in the PDSNote: If you need a policy for multiple trips a year, see our annual frequent traveller page

Unlimited Medical

Unlimited Medical

Travel with total peace of mind. If anything goes wrong you've got unlimited emergency assistance and medical cover

Unlimited Trips In One Year

Long-Trip Cover 

Planning a big trip? No worries! We offer cover for trips up to 12 months long. Explore the world and travel happy with 1Cover.  

Unlimited Cancellation

Unlimited Cancellation

If the unexpected happens and plans change, you've got unlimited cover for cancellation fees or lost deposits.

Rental Vehicle Excess

Rental Car Excess 

Don't get ripped off. Hire a rental car and we'll cover the excess up to $5,000 if the car is stolen, damaged or in an accident.

Kids Go Free

Kids Covered
For No Extra

  • Travelling with your kids and grandkids? They’re covered for no extra cost. We only charge you for each adult on your policy.
Luggage & Personal Effects Cover

Luggage & Belonging Cover

There's nothing worse than losing or damaging your favourite things. That's why we provide $15,000 worth of luggage and personal effects cover.

Travel On One Policy

Group Travel On one policy

Travel on the same policy as your friends, your family, or your colleagues. Up to 25 people can go on the one policy - and you'll have only one set of paperwork. 

Three Policies To Choose From

Customise your  Policy

  • With several policy types and levels of cover to choose from, plus Cruise, Ski, and high value add-ons available, you can tailor your policy to suit you. 


Travel Insurer Of The Year 2019

Table of Benefits - Overseas Travel Insurance

Explore our table of benefits below to see the policy benefits provided by our overseas travel insurance policies.
To see full details, see the PDS or get your instant quote now

Policy Benefit Comprehensive
(Single-Trip & Frequent Traveller)
Medical Only

Overseas Emergency Medical Assistance^



Overseas Emergency Medical & Hospital Expenses^*



Includes Dental Expenses (per adult)^



Resumption Of Journey^*



Hospital Cash Allowance^*



Accidental Death*



Permanent Disability^*



Loss of Income^*



Credit Card Fraud & Replacement^



Includes Travel Documents & Traveller's Cheques^



Theft Of Cash^#



Luggage & Personal Effects*



Luggage & Personal Effects Delay Expenses^



Additional Accommodation & Travel Expenses*



Includes Family Emergency*



Includes Emergency Companion Cover*



Cancellation Fees & Lost Deposits*



Disruption Of Journey*



Alternative Transport Expenses^



Personal Liability#

$5 million

$5 million

Domestic Pets^*



Domestic Services^*



Rental Vehicle Insurance Excess#*



Unless otherwise specified in the PDS: Sections 12, 12A, 12B & 13 - If you claim for the same or similar cancelled services/facilities or alternative arrangements under sections 12, 12A, 12B & 13, we will only pay the higher of the two amounts, not both. Benefit limits are per adult traveller. For accompanying dependants the policy benefits are shared with the adult traveller.

^^ You only have this cover for these sections if the relevant pack has been purchased.
*  Sub-limits apply
^  You do not have cover under these sections while travelling in Australia.
# Limits are per policy regardless of persons the claim relates to.


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Optional Coverage

Cruise Pack

Cruise Pack 

If you’re thinking of taking a cruise, you might want to add the Cruise Pack to your policy to ensure you’re covered at sea. See PDS for full details.

Winter Sports Pack

Winter Sports Pack

If snow sports might be a factor on your trip, consider adding our Winter Sports Pack to your policy. See PDS for full details.

Rental Car Cover

Additional rental Vehicle Excess

Most of 1Cover’s policies protect you with up to $5,000 in rental vehicle excess cover. But you have the option of increasing this cover to $8,000. 


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FAQs About Overseas Travel Insurance

  • What Are The Benefits Of Having Travel Insurance For My Trip? 
  • When you travel it's all about the new and unknown which unfortunately means you never know what could go wrong. Things like medical emergencies while overseas could cost $50,000+, and then there's lost luggage, stolen belongings and delayed flights which are more expenses on top of an already costly holiday.

    Travel is unpredictable and travel insurance is there to help provide you peace of mind that when the unexpected happens, we'll be there to help out. We advise you to read the Product Disclosure Statement to make sure this product is right for you. If you have any questions please call our friendly call centre

  • What Activities Are Covered Under 1Cover?
  • We cover a huge range of activities with our policies. To view a full list of activities covered under our 1Cover policies click here. If you are participating in winter activities, such as skiing and snowboarding, you will need to select the Winter Sports Pack add-on if you wish to be covered.

  • Can I Apply To Extend My Travel Insurance Policy?
  • We do offer policy extensions, where applicable, you will be issued with a quote for the extended period.

    You can apply to extend your policy by either getting in contact with our friendly call centre team or alternatively you can log in to our Policy Manager.

    We advise that you log in to the Policy Manager or contact us as soon as you know you need to extend your policy (ideally 7 days (AEST) before your policy is due to expire), so that we can make sure your extension is guaranteed. Once a policy lapses we are unable to extend it.

  • If I Am Having A Stopover Outside My Selected Country Will I Be Covered?
  • When you apply for the policy you need to tell us where you are travelling to. The premium you pay for your policy depends on your destination/s.

    The policy only covers loss injury or illness which occurs in the countries you have told us you will visit; however all stopovers of up to 2 nights in countries other than the USA are also covered.

    We do cover stopovers for the USA, but you have to nominate USA as a destination when you apply for cover.

    Cruises: If you’re going on a cruise, you must ensure you select the right cruise region to ensure you are covered in the countries you visit (you will need to ensure you have selected the Cruise Pack add-on). Please visit our cruise travel insurance page for more details.   

  • What Happens If I Go Home Early?
  • Your policy covers the full duration of your trip as stated on your Certificate of Insurance. There are no refunds if you come home earlier than planned. This is stated in the PDS.

  • Will I Be Covered If I Travel To A Country With An Official Travel Warning?
  • All countries have travel advice levels and you always check these prior to travelling. If a government or other official body have issued a specific "Do Not Travel" or "Reconsider your need to travel" warning and you go, you will not be covered. For more information, please visit smartraveler.gov.au 

  • Am I Covered If I Break The Law And A Claim Event Occurs?
  • No. For obvious reasons we can't help you out here. Always adhere to local laws. Please visit smartraveler.gov.au 

  • Am I Covered If I'm Affected By Drugs Or Alcohol When My Claim Event Occurs?
  • No. If you're intoxicated, taking drugs (that haven't been prescribed) and your claim results from these actions, then you're not covered. 

  • What if I’m travelling around the world?
  • If you’re travelling all around the world, you can definitely choose a Worldwide policy. All you need to do is select “Worldwide” from the drop-down menu when you make a quote. See here for more information. 



Going Bungee Jumping, Sailing, or motorbiking?
We cover 100+ Activities and sports. 


Student, wedding-planner, or long-term traveller?

ThailandStudent Travel Insurance 

You could be going backpacking on a gap year, doing an exchange program or volunteering abroad - but chances are, you’ll need travel insurance

Adventure Travel

Wedding Insurance Guide

Are you planning to head overseas or interstate for the big day? Maybe to Hawaii, Fiji, or Bali? Take out travel insurance to cover the trip to and from your wedding.

ThailandLong term travel insurance

You can travel on one of our policies for up to 12 months abroad, with the possibility of extension. Find out more. 

Adventure Travel

Backpacker Travel Insurance

Maximise your fun, but minimise your risk. If you’re off on the adventure of a lifetime, don’t forget your travel insurance.



Do you need to know About...

Medical Questions

Do you or anyone you’re travelling with have pre-existing medical conditions? Or are you wondering about pregnancy and travel insurance? Find answers to all your medical related questions here

Worldwide Travel Insurance

Travelling around the world and want to make sure you’re covered? Then take a look at this page to buy a Worldwide travel insurance policy.

Travel Alerts

The one thing you should do before you get travel insurance is look at 1Cover Travel Alerts. You’ll find information on world events/disasters that might affect your travel insurance policy. 

What travel insurance covers 

From lost luggage, to cancellation, to repatriation. Travel with peace of mind and find out what else you're covered for and what you're not. 


Why Choose 1Cover Travel Insurance?

Trusted & Loved by 1.5 Million customers

Since 2003, we've provided travel insurance to more than 1.5 million happy customers around the world. We don't focus on anything else but travel insurance, and that makes us specialists in the field.

Award winning Insurance 

1Cover won ProductReview.com.au 2019 Travel Insurer of the Year. ProductReview.com.au is Australia's first and most comprehensive consumer opinion site, and they provide a totally unbiased platform where people can rate and review products and services. 

Local Call Centre

Our Call Centre is based in Sydney and is open seven days a week. Whether you're buying a policy or making a claim, you can be sure one of our caring, knowledgeable customer service legends will be able to help you out. 


24/7 emergency Assistance 

The one time you really need travel insurance is in case of emergency. With 1Cover, you have 24/7 emergency assistance at all times - so when one thing goes really  wrong, we'll be there to help you.  

Pre-Existing Medical Cover

Unlike many other travel insurers, we automatically cover 35 conditions under our policies. We know everyone is different and that's why our medical team assess each pre-existing condition on a case by case basis.

Fast Claims 

If you want your claim paid quickly, and you don’t want to deal with a complicated claims process, then use 1Cover. Just make sure you have all your receipts and relevant documents handy.

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