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Top 10 of the World's Best party towns 

From wild beach dance parties to steamy South American clubs, these are the best places in the world to have a good time.

8 Things Airline Hosties Don't Want You To Know 

They’re your smiley, helpful friends in the sky. But airline hosties have a few secrets.

How To Spot An Aussie

Everyone can pick us from the moment they lay eyes on us. Why? Because of this.

20 Foods Worth Travelling For

Discover the culinary delights that are well worth the price of a plane ticket.

How To Be A Bad Travel Partner

Your travel companion can either make or break your trip. Here's what makes a bad travel buddy.

10 Countries You Haven’t Been To

 Time to try something a little bit different? You won’t regret travelling to these destinations.

Shocking Tour Stories

On any tour around the world, no matter what the age of the passengers, you'll find some shocking things going on.

14 Tight-Arse Tips For Frugal Travellers

Want to save money while you're on the road? These are the secrets you need to know.

Fashion Crimes

Don't make these fashion faux pas when you're travelling overseas.


How Female Travellers Can Stay Safe 

Women shouldn’t have to take any more precautions than men when they travel. Unfortunately, it's not a perfect world.

Worst Hostel Roommates

Staying in a dorm room? Here's how to really annoy the people you're sharing with.

World's most challenging Foods

Think you’d try any food that's put in front of you? Then grab your knife and fork.

10 Hard Travel lessons

There are certain tough lessons that going out on the road will force you to learn.

7 best places to get married overseas

Say “I do” abroad and make it a day to remember, and a holiday too.

15 Packing Essentials

Whether you're heading overseas for days, weeks or months, don't forget to pack these items.

9 of the world's silliest souvenirs

These are the things that will most likely end up as trash rather than treasure.

food poisoning Hotspots

Nobody likes getting sick overseas. But here are the places you’re more likely to get food poisoning.

10 tips to survive Bali

How to make your next holiday to Bali memorable, amazing and stress-free.

7 Family Activities You'll Love To Do Abroad

Here are few activities to make your next overseas holiday with the family more fun and less stressful.

How To Avoid Driving Disasters On Holiday

Road trips can be stressful and dangerous (especially overseas). Here are our top tips for staying safe on your next road trip.

The World's Best Diving Spots

Dying to quench your thirst for adventure? Well, we've lifted the lid on the worlds most remarkable dive spots.

10 Things Living Overseas Will Teach You

A big stint overseas is pretty much a rite of passage. And there are certain things it will inevitably teach you.

5 reasons to learn to Dive on a gap year

Learning to dive isn't just awesome fun, it can also teach you lots of valuable life skills

7 tips for flying with kids

Travelling with kids can be tough. Discover how to keep everyone happy and safe while in transit.

11 Ideal Honeymoon Destinations 

Get your marriage off on the right foot with these ideal honeymoon destinations.

The most amazing places to visit in Canada

Before setting foot into the land of the Maple Leaf, be sure to check out this list of must-visit places in Canada.

7 must-follow diving tips for Asia

Before you dive into the depths of Asia’s best scuba spots, take note of our must-follow tips.

5 Countries you've never heard of (but should visit)

Looking for a real adventure? Check out these lesser known countries that you should explore.

5 Best Locations In The World To Earn Your PADI

Earning your PADI certificate requires no experience. Discover the best destination to get your PADI.

What You'll Miss About Australia

Travelling is awesome. But the more you travel, the more you start to miss these things about life at home.

Wild Ways To Spend $1,000 Around The World

Need some inspiration on some of the best ways to spend a thousand dollars? Of course you do!